Quick Notes

Forward Momentum by Joshua Grabowski

Through and through, the studio is always in a state of rearranging. I decided to really jump start my creative energy by rallying friends to get together and make artwork, take reference photos, eat good food, laugh, etc.


I'm finding myself firing up easier in the mornings when I am excited to get back to work on a piece that I catch myself falling deeper and deeper in love with. Getting a photoshoot set up for later in the day is another example of something to tell the Universe, "Hello, I am here. And I'm ready to use the tools and energy!" She's listening, what message are you trying to get across?

Getting Started by Joshua Grabowski

It's been so exciting getting started with my website! I went on vacation and have been too wrapped up in having winter smack me around & dump a bunch of snow on top of all of it, while trying to work and get back into the swing of things. Creative content to come. Paintings in the works. Pictures, videos, trying to put a lot of things together here and share as much of the process as possible while it all unfolds.

Namaste, friends.