Please, set your legs on fire / by Joshua Grabowski

On my path to uncovering the magical equation that results in finished paintings and more working studio hours, it's apparent to me (and plenty of those around me) that I need to balance myself with some form of cardio. Over the past 10 years I've developed a serious passion for endurance running pushing myself 60+ miles each week at my peak while over the last 5 I've began incorporating more cycling. My road bike has easily covered tens of thousands of miles and the indoor cycling is so seductively fun! It's fast and the music is loud, the community is awesome and welcoming, and most importantly I'm regularly pushed harder than I'd ever imagine! Maybe becoming an instructor full time in tandem with my painting schedule is exactly what I need? More on this later! But first, heading to the studio for the day pretending that it's not sunny and glorious outside this beautiful June morning. Bye for now, friends!