Forward Momentum by Joshua Grabowski

Through and through, the studio is always in a state of rearranging. I decided to really jump start my creative energy by rallying friends to get together and make artwork, take reference photos, eat good food, laugh, etc.


I'm finding myself firing up easier in the mornings when I am excited to get back to work on a piece that I catch myself falling deeper and deeper in love with. Getting a photoshoot set up for later in the day is another example of something to tell the Universe, "Hello, I am here. And I'm ready to use the tools and energy!" She's listening, what message are you trying to get across?

@100DAYSOFPAINTING by Joshua Grabowski

Alright alright! Yesterday was the first day of posting for my "100 days challenge" to encourage me to get back into the habit of daily painting, that which is bringing a brush through paint and onto a surface or canvas. The rules are simply that I can't give up on myself, to post regularly online throughout experience, and to be completely open to the process as it unfolds without limiting myself with restrictions but encouraging growth and consistency.  Check back as momentum builds. Day One: down. Let's go, Day Two!

Cropped image of this painting being reworked. The white is being used to block out a figure that needed to be redrawn. You can see another cropped image of a portion of the figure a few posts earlier from this.

Cropped image of this painting being reworked. The white is being used to block out a figure that needed to be redrawn. You can see another cropped image of a portion of the figure a few posts earlier from this.

It didn't happen, but so much has! by Joshua Grabowski

Another situation passes of my procrastination. There is nothing to be said other than I'm getting to work to dust myself off and try again. On another note entirely, I've recently auditioned for Soulcycle and have been really considering making a change into the fitness industry rather than bartending. We'll see. I'll post again soon.

@100daysofpainting by Joshua Grabowski

Hello again.


  • start instagram account @100daysofpainting 
  • paint consecutively for 100 days while posting content daily of new work, inspiration, studio photos, adorable cats in my workspace, you get the idea
  • write on the blog here about my experience throughout the experience

Feeling ready to start this project soon, since I've been actively preparing for a while now! There's something so exciting and motivating about the weather changing in Chicago! SUNSHINE! :)


Please, set your legs on fire by Joshua Grabowski

On my path to uncovering the magical equation that results in finished paintings and more working studio hours, it's apparent to me (and plenty of those around me) that I need to balance myself with some form of cardio. Over the past 10 years I've developed a serious passion for endurance running pushing myself 60+ miles each week at my peak while over the last 5 I've began incorporating more cycling. My road bike has easily covered tens of thousands of miles and the indoor cycling is so seductively fun! It's fast and the music is loud, the community is awesome and welcoming, and most importantly I'm regularly pushed harder than I'd ever imagine! Maybe becoming an instructor full time in tandem with my painting schedule is exactly what I need? More on this later! But first, heading to the studio for the day pretending that it's not sunny and glorious outside this beautiful June morning. Bye for now, friends! 

Finding the Fire 🔥 by Joshua Grabowski

The pressure to create something great can be paralyzing. I mean, come on right? It's enough pressure to just simply create something from the supplies you have but to also make it great? What is great? Who says so? Should I care? Who am I? Who is the "I" that should or shouldn't care? This can go on for a while until we are just so blown away by the wonders of the size of the universe, and let me tell ya folks, this isn't an unfamiliar string of thoughts for me in the studio.

I'm currently working to create some paintings to help share some information about our energies and chakra systems along with some fun video projects for the site. The most important part of the process is self-exploration and I can't wait to post it. Here's to much more in 2017!

What am I working on? by Joshua Grabowski

Well, that is a damn good question. Currently, I am really exploring a figurative side of painting on a scale that I haven't worked with before. What do I mean? I mean that the canvases are 5 ft x 6ft, 3ft x 5ft, they are relatively large canvases that require lots of paint, lots of brushes lost in battle, lots of time, lots of love. BUT IT IS ACTUALLY WORTH IT. What I think that I've managed to forget a little is that the process of creating the work is the hard part usually. Rather than get too much into this and not get to painting, I think I'll stop this one here. BLOG POST DONE!

Getting Started by Joshua Grabowski

It's been so exciting getting started with my website! I went on vacation and have been too wrapped up in having winter smack me around & dump a bunch of snow on top of all of it, while trying to work and get back into the swing of things. Creative content to come. Paintings in the works. Pictures, videos, trying to put a lot of things together here and share as much of the process as possible while it all unfolds.

Namaste, friends.