Painting. This is my main gig.


Artwork just kind of fell in my lap. When most of us are children, it seems so much more natural to grab for crayons, chalk, or basically anything we can get our hands onto and create. Somewhere along the line, we either grow with that desire or we start to form new interests, our focus & attention shifts and suddenly it's been so long that you "can't even remember the last time I just colored for fun!" 

For years, I assumed that I would always rely on the fact that I was talented with my artwork. But what was it that I was relying on? Trying my hand at fulfilling what I assumed was the path to success, I tried my hand in still life pieces, abstract work, and a bunch of other styles that just didn't seem to fulfill me. My work wasn't speaking my voice, at least not to me in the ways that I wanted it to. 

[  flash forward to today  ]

The acceptance of the state of my work has led me down a path to setting up exactly what I want to happen: create & be happy. By visiting this website and reading to this point, you win a unicorn! Just kidding, making sure you're paying attention! I invite you to follow along with me on the journey of redesigning my portfolio as I create the work. I plan to video, photograph, and share my way through the sea of artistic creation that is often missed or overlooked. It's only just beginning, and I promise that it'll get really fun.


To view an online gallery collection of my work both new & old, check out the page linked below:


Additional pages will be added, blogs will be blogged, more artwork will be posted, so be sure to check back, like, repost, message, visit me, send me gluten-free cookies in the mail (think outside of the box).